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This interactive website exploring the way legendary hip hop producer J Dilla creates his wonky grooves is fun to play around with.

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Added 7 Jun 2023

🎵Sam Greenfield - Sam Greenfield Sucks


This super playful jazz funk funtime fusion album by Sam Greenfield puts both a smile and a funk gurn on my face simultaneously, which is not a pretty sight I can tell you.

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Added 20 Apr 2023

📼Benny Sings Young Hearts


Loving this song and playful music video by Benny Sings. Silly Robo-Benny!

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Added 31 Jan 2023

🎵Rozi Plain - Prize


Rozi Plain’s new album is a laid back journey through another world, padded with warm synths and gently driving rhythms. I love it!

Added 23 Jan 2023

📼Rozi Plain - Help


This song and surreal music video by Rozi Plain transports me to another realm, I love it!

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Added 1 Dec 2022

📼Louis Cole - I'm Tight


This music video by Louis Cole is full of beautifully understated and ridiculous dance moves, choreographed by Louis himself!

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Added 8 Nov 2022

📼Jacob Collier Improvises the Audience


This musical performance gave me tingles when I first watched it. There’s always something amazing about a mass of people joining together in music, and it’s even more special that Jacob plays with people’s intuitive understanding of musical scales to play them like an instrument! See also Bobby McFerrin doing the same kinda thing…

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Added 14 Oct 2021

🎵Emerson Kitamura - Rock'n Roll no Hajimari wa


This E.P. of chirpy organ music has been giving me the grins recently. Start from track 2 for maximum chirp!

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Added 14 Oct 2021

📼Postmodern Jukebox ft. Gunhild Carling - Happy


Gunhild Carling is a Swedish multi-instrumentalist jazz musician who has a flare for entertaining in playful ways! I saw a video of her playing 3 trumpets at once, which led to this video of her playing Happy on a bunch of different instruments, including a triple-trumpet parp-bonanza! Toot-toot-toooooot!

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Added 9 Aug 2021

🎵Graham Kartna - TMP2


This wonky, silly, electronic album by Graham Kartna has been filling my glad bags with happy pixels on repeat recently!

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Added 15 Jul 2021



A curated selection of small, cosy, unusual music. I’ve been enjoying listening to this while practising coding 🤓

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Added 29 Jun 2021

📼John Carroll Kirby - Rainmaker


I made the mistake of playing this retro smooth synth funk music video to my toddler and it’s now become a multiple times daily ritual that we watch this extra-long-ponytailed man emote on his synthesizer. But I don’t mind because if my baby’s into synthesisers then as far as I’m concerned I’ve done my job as a father perfectly 👌

Music Performance Videos
Added 10 Jun 2021

📼Flock of Dimes - 2 Heads


A beautiful vocal and analogue synthesiser performance. Oh there’s a cello too! It’s powerful and spacious at the same time, like THE UNIVERSE ITSELF WHOAAA 🌌

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Added 7 Jun 2021

🎵Sonic Blooming


An ambient sound/music project by sound artist Crystal Cortez which uses the electrical impulses of growing plants to create musical pitches and sounds. The pieces on this website were made from plant data and field recordings collected at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland Oregon.

Added 27 May 2021

📼The Westerlies - Dover


I love this brass quartet piece by The Westerlies, it’s kinda joyful and beautiful! If you like this, their album Wherein Lies The Good is definitely worth a listen, some wonderful stuff on there 🎺

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Added 22 May 2021

📼Verity Standen - Where Do You Hide


My friend Verity Standen made this beautiful song and music video in the depths of the pandemic. I first watched this a couple of months ago feeling deeply exhausted with it all, and I proper blubbed, I tell you, blubbed all down my face.

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Added 20 May 2021

🎵Cheater - Pom Poko


This pop/punk/noise album by Norwegian band Pom Poko is like candied habañeros, sweet but spiky! Gets me excited!

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Added 7 Apr 2021

🎵Color De Tropico Compiled By El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas


This compilation album of Venezualan music from 1966 - 1978 is bringing some sunshine to my life at the moment. My lil boy loves dancing to it too! There’s a second compilation out soon if this floats your boat.

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Added 7 Apr 2021

📼Popcorn Cover With Homemade Pipe Instrument


A musical making video with a fun version of Popcorn at the end :)

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Added 18 Feb 2021

📼Róisín Murphy - The Time Is Now


A home concert video with Róisín managing to be totally captivating and badass in her living room!

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Added 18 Feb 2021