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🎮Feels by Games for Crows


This is a cute and fun little game - it’s like Where’s Wally but with emojis 😊

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Added 29 Jun 2021

🎮Manifold Garden


This mind bending puzzle game is a somehow calming trip through infinity. Each level is solved by twisting gravity to manouver blocks as you travel by falling/flying through endlessly repeating versions of the same world. It’s hard to explain, watch the trailer!

Added 27 Apr 2021

🎮Untitled Goose Game


This silly video game really tickled me! You play as a goose and the purpose of the game is essentially to just be a git. HONK

Added 29 Sep 2019

🎲Lazer Ryderz


A bodaciously designed space racing boardgame with its own super 80s soundtrack!

Added 8 Mar 2019