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📺How To with John Wilson


I’m really enjoying this humorous documentary series at the moment! John films loads of weird, amusing, or eyecatching stuff in his daily life around New York and beyond, then cuts it together around a theme and narrates it in a dryly comedic, almost poetic manner.

Television Documentaries
Added 3 Nov 2022

📺Young Offenders


A comedy series about a couple of teenage tearaways growing up in Ireland. It’s reckless and ridiculous and very sweet at times too :)

Added 19 Nov 2020

📺Limmy's Homemade Show


A sketch show made by Scottish comedian Limmy in his house and around Glasgow - full of twisted humour and flights of fancy. I love the lofi aesthetic and imagination!

Added 19 Apr 2020

📺I Think You Should Leave


I’ve been greatly enjoying this sketch show on Netflix. It’s very silly and spends a good amount of time teetering on the brink of insanity!

Added 3 May 2019