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A touching and superbly acted British film about a teenage girl whose mother suddenly leaves home, leaving her to fend for herself and her brother. The film was developed and written in conjuction with the cast who are mostly non-professional actors from the area of London it was shot in. It feels amazingly natural!

Added 9 Aug 2021

🎬Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse


Holy moly I enjoyed this animated crazy Spider-Man film a lot! They really went to town experimenting with the animation and visual styles. Even the end credits are a piece of motion graphics art. The sound design is rad and the characters are all great too! My partner Katie usually hates superhero films, but as soon as we finished this one she said “I want to watch that again…” so, there you go!

Added 8 Apr 2021

🎬My Octopus Teacher


This documentary about a friendship between an obsessed cameraman and an octopus is really beautiful to watch. Octopuses are freakin’ amazing.

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Added 2 Oct 2020

🎬Rising Phoenix


This Netflix documentary about Paralympian athletes is awe inspiring. The determination, focus and skill required to perform at such incredible levels, while dealing with physical, emotional and societal obstacles is astounding.

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Added 22 Sep 2020

🎬John Was Trying to Contact Aliens


A short Netflix documentary about a man who ran a radio station trying to contact aliens. It’s very sweet :)

Films Documentaries
Added 9 Sep 2020

🎬The Peanut Butter Falcon


A sweet road movie about a troubled man escaping his mistakes and a man with Down’s syndrome following his dreams of being a wrestler.

Added 17 Aug 2020

🎬The 13th


This documentary (also on Netflix) about the mass criminalisation of African Americans and the horrifying American prison industry is not a fun watch, but it helped me better understand the longstanding social and institutional discrimination endured by Black people in America.

Films Documentaries
Added 17 Jun 2020

🎬Long Shot


A comedy on Netflix starring Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan as a politician and her speech writer. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, and there were a couple of moments where I laughed harder than I have for ages!

Added 19 Apr 2020

🎬Extra Ordinary


An Irish supernatural comedy - very silly, nicely offbeat deadpan humour!

Added 19 Apr 2020