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Things I've enjoyed you might enjoy too :)

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📼Louis Cole - I'm Tight


This music video by Louis Cole is full of beautifully understated and ridiculous dance moves, choreographed by Louis himself!

Music Videos Dance
Added 8 Nov 2022

📼Smac Mccreanor - Hydraulic Press Dance Series Compilation


A wonder of a physical comedy / dance video - Smac McCreanor mimics hydraulic presses crushing different objects, but with her body representing the objects being crushed!

Videos Dance Performance Comedy
Added 14 Oct 2021

📼Jacob Collier - Sleeping on My Dreams


A colourful choreographed music video by Jacob Collier!

Music Videos Dance
Added 31 Aug 2020

📼Yoanne Bourgeois - Clare De Lune


A mesmerising acrobatics routine featuring a trampoline and a set of stairs.

Videos Performance Dance
Added 31 Aug 2020

📼Hit My Woah


I enjoyed this dance video. Looks like to do the Woah you go fast but then go WOAH THERE!

Videos Dance
Added 26 Apr 2019