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Collected by Simon Panrucker

Things I've enjoyed you might enjoy too :)

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💌Carl Peck's Newsletter


My good buddy and longtime collaborator Carl Peck has started a comic strip newsletter where he shares his work in progress on a bizarre and intriguing new story and behind the scenes titbits. His work is rad and the insights into his process are v interrresting.

Art Writing
Added 20 Apr 2023

🎨Spencer Hansen's Creature Sculptures


Spencer Hansen makes weird and wonderful creature sculptures out of reclaimed materials. Lots of them look very huggable, I want to be friends!

Art Sculpture Photography
Added 25 Nov 2022

🎨Matt Taylor GFX


These trippy 3D motion graphics loops will mesmerise your absolute brain out your ears. Non-Instagram peeps can view the vids by right clicking and opening each video in a new tab.

Added 22 Sep 2020

📷Table for One - Anne Collinge


A photo series of a model morphing into different foods using clothes and everyday objects. I wanna try at home!

Photography Art
Added 9 Sep 2020

🖋Encouraging Postcards Sent To Strangers


These encouraging postcards to strangers warmed my cockles :)

Writing Art
Added 2 Dec 2018