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📼Jamie Demetriou's Really Good Time


A very stupid music video with some great inspiration for things to do in lockdown.

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Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Georgie Ward: Live at St Georges


A live music performance by pianist and synth virtuoso Georgie Ward! Amazing stuff! Georgie was/is the synth player in my new band Bandrucker. We played one gig then I had a baby and the pandemic hit and it all screeched to a halt. I hope to play music with Georgie again when the situation allows, she’s a badass!

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Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Too Many Zoos - Pink Yesterday


This music video is a joyous brass explosion to blast your frosty cobwebs away.

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Added 30 Dec 2020

📼Stevie Wonder Cover on Harpejji


Corey Henry plays this unusual instrument insanely well! Beautiful stuff!

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Added 19 Nov 2020

🎵Crackazat - Period Works - The Album


This house/disco album by Crackazat has been the soundtrack to my new favourite activity: dancing my baby boy around the kitchen in a “keep fit” style! He freakin’ loves it and I do too, so that’s pretty perfect really.

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Added 19 Nov 2020

🎵PROTODOME - Etude 1 for Midi Slap Bass


This lo-fi turbo-funk track will put a boost in your pixel pipe!

Added 2 Oct 2020

🎵Mocky - Music Save Me (One More Time)


I’ve been listening to this lo-fi soul/jazz/funk/pop album by Mocky a lot! The first half’s a lil wet for me at times, but the second half has some tasty grooves.

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Added 2 Oct 2020

🎵morèno - Ginza (ft Alf4zi)


This rap track by Mumbai rapper morèno is a banger! I don’t think I’ve heard any Hindi rap before, it’s a punchy language for morèno’s quick-fire delivery.

Added 22 Sep 2020

🎵Machine Girl - RePorpoised Phantasies


An EP of rave inspired tracks by Machine Girl. Nutty! Fans of Lone might enjoy this.

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Added 9 Sep 2020

📼Jacob Collier - Sleeping on My Dreams


A colourful choreographed music video by Jacob Collier!

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Added 31 Aug 2020