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This interactive website exploring the way legendary hip hop producer J Dilla creates his wonky grooves is fun to play around with.

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Added 7 Jun 2023



A curated selection of small, cosy, unusual music. I’ve been enjoying listening to this while practising coding 🤓

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Added 29 Jun 2021

🎮Feels by Games for Crows


This is a cute and fun little game - it’s like Where’s Wally but with emojis 😊

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Added 29 Jun 2021



I’ve not used this visual thinking tool yet but it looks really cool! You can make cards of texts and images and link them together with coloured lines to create groups and flows of thought. The design is fun too!

Websites Tools
Added 10 Jun 2021



This is a fascinating website which displays a rapidly changing stream of YouTube videos with very little or no views, which tend to be unpolished personal videos. The result is a sense that you are peering into the lives of everyday people all over the planet - like an astronaut exploring life on earth.

Added 27 May 2021



I’m currently beta testing this innovative co-creation platform. It’s a fun, malleable space to converse with video streaming and visual elements you can position wherever you like - like if Zoom was a creative collage you could move around in real time!

Added 20 May 2021



Mmm is a super playful one page website maker with drag and drop abilities to quickly and easily make a characterful collage/comic/website. Looks fun!

Added 20 May 2021

💻Pointer Pointer


A website that detects where your cursor is and choses a photo of a person pointing at it. A momentary diversion, but it’s pretty fun!

Added 18 Feb 2021



Here’s a handy resource for ethical alternatives - mostly web things at the moment, but growing!

Added 26 Apr 2019